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Mart Rovereto

Umberto Boccioni, "Nudo di spalle (Controluce)", 1909, olio su tela, Mart, Collezione L.F

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Permanent exhibition

Dedicated to the greatest masterpieces in the museum’s Collections, this permanent exhibition is a journey through one hundred years of the history of art, between avantgarde and tradition, experimentation and a return to order.

Carlo Carrà, "Le figlie di Loth", 1919

Giotto e il Novecento

6 dic 2022 - 19 mar 2023 | Mart Rovereto

La mostra presenta opere di artisti moderni e contemporanei ispirate all’arte di Giotto, il maestro che rivoluzionò la pittura medievale.

Adelchi-Riccardo Mantovani, "La cantastorie 2", 1986-87, Collezione Gerhard Schulze e Terue Mizonobe-Schulze

Adelchi-Riccardo Mantovani. The Dream of Ferrara

30 oct 2022 - 5 feb 2023

The exhibition retraces through over one hundred works the key moments of Mantovani's creative journey full of subtle, intimate impressions.

Heretics. Art and Life

Heretics. Art and Life

20 nov 2022 - 19 feb 2023

The exhibition illustrates heretic activity in television, film, visual art, literature and music; it attempts to portray the voice of some lone revolutionaries in public spaces, culture and entertainment.

Achille Funi, Ragazzo con le mele (Il fanciullo con le mele), 1921, Mart, Collezione VAF-Stiftung

Focus | Achille Funi (1890-1972). Face and Myth

30 oct 2022 - 5 feb 2023

On the 50th anniversary of his death, the Mart dedicates a Focus to Ferrara painter Achille Funi, which focuses on two key themes of his poetics: face and myth. 

Casa d'Arte Futurista Depero

 Casa Depero. Gli Arazzi

Casa Depero

Via dei Portici 38, 38068 Rovereto (TN)

Casa Depero is a ten-minute walk from Mart, in the elegant historic centre of medieval Rovereto. The only museum founded by a Futurist – Depero himself, in 1957 – as an irreverent, visionary project: innovation, irony, and breaking down of all hierarchies in the arts. One floor at a time, you will discover Fortunato Depero's fantastic universe.

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Galleria Civica Trento

Silvia Camporesi, "Veduta - Buonanotte Vecchio (Abruzzo)", 2013 - 2015, dal ciclo Atlas Italiae, Couresty l'artista

Lost lands. Notes on a journey through a forgotten Italy

20 nov 2022 - 26 feb 2023

Through photographs and videos the exhibition documents abandoned places and landscapes; a world of silent villages, of human activities that resist the lure of migration, of great missed opportunities but also of possible futures, of sustainable development, of rebirths.

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Palazzo delle Albere

Copertina edizione nr 26 maggio 1967

linus. All 688 issues from 1965 to 2022

20 nov 2022 - 8 jan 2023

Palazzo delle Albere hosts an exhibition about linus, the world's most famous comic magazine which sparked a cultural revolution that shaped people's minds, as they began to laugh, smile and think for new and different reasons.

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