Photos and videos at Mart

At Mart visitors are encouraged to take photographs freely in the exhibition rooms and to share the images on social media.

However, a few rules should be observed. Please ensure that you read and understand these rules, which are widely available online and at the Museum, before taking any pictures. Mart, in good faith, expects all visitors to abide by these rules.


Anyone taking photographs must check for any existing copyright on the images of the works and accepts personal responsibility for any unlawful conduct arising from the dissemination and possible commercial use of their photos. The fact that Mart allows visitors to take photographs does in no way imply that it is responsible for any improper use of those photographs


At Mart you cannot take photographs anytime and anywhere. In some areas there may be prohibitions. Check the signs on the wall or ask staff for information


Do not use a flash


Do not disturb other people or endanger the exhibits by getting too close


You may only photograph with non-professional equipment (compact cameras, smartphones or tablets)


Be respectful of the privacy of other visitors and museum staff

Photo Archive and Media Library




colour slides




photographic prints



The Mart's Photographic Archive and Media Library acts as a slide, photo, and video library.  It collects documentary material (paper, digital and film) relating to the works held at Mart, including the collections on deposit at the Museum. It also deals with the documentary heritage relating to the museum's activities, conserving audiovisual material displayed at Mart's exhibitions or produced in preparation for them.

Students, researchers, cultural institutions and businesses can request high-resolution images for study, teaching and scientific activities, and for publishing purposes. Applications for commercial purposes can also be submitted, provided that the project details are included.

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