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Since 2013, Mart and MAG (Museo Alto Garda) collaborate on multiple projects, including one dedicated to Giovanni Segantini and exhibitions on contemporary art languages.

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Segantini and Arco

The nature of the project, led by Mart curator Alessandra Tiddia, is twofold: exhibition and research. “Segantini and Arco” promotes the artist's hometown and develops a network of studies and relationships with Segantini institutions and experts around the world.


The exhibition at the Galleria Civica in Arco, held at the seventeenth-century Palazzo dei Panni, opens with two multi-touch installations. With “Segantini Map” visitors can browse the images of all the artist's works held in international public museums, while “Segantini Doc” provides an unprecedented insight into the great painter's diaries and correspondence, publications, reproductions and historical photographs. The first part of the multimedia itinerary concludes with a video dedicated to the artist produced by the Municipality of Arco: the docufilm "Segantini, ritorno alla natura" [Segantini, return to nature] by Roberta Bonazza, Francesco Fei and Federica Masini.


The visit continues in the “La memoria delle immagini” [The memory of images] room, which houses reproductions of Segantini's most famous works and old publications, including the prestigious volume published by Wiener Werkstätte in 1902. The remaining rooms contain about 30 of the artist's works found in Trentino, including those from Mart, MAG, the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Municipality of Arco, and private and institutional collections.


“Segantini and Arco” also includes a publication series, “Segantiniana”. This collects studies, unpublished research and ongoing projects such as “Epistola”, focused on cataloguing Giovanni Segantini's handwritten letters. The aim is to bring together various institutions and disciplinary approaches, ranging from archival studies, to information technology, to graphics.


2017 also marked the launch of the website dedicated to the “Segantini and Arco” project, which offers visitors useful resources for understanding Segantini and his time: the Gallery's collections – with paintings by the artist and his contemporaries – and exhibitions.
Scholars and art lovers can also find catalogues and research publications, including the first Italian edition of Segantini's reference biography, written in 1902 by Franz Servaes.

Ritratto di Giovanni Segantini

Ritratto di Giovanni Segantini
Portrait of Giovanni Segantini

In the Pinacoteca. Windows on the contemporary world

As a place of artistic and historical conservation, MAG's Pinacoteca gallery has opened its doors to a selection of exhibitions documenting the most recent painting languages.

This project, curated by Daniela Ferrari, consists of a cycle of exhibitions that since 2013 have offered in-depth analysis and updates on contemporary artistic language starting from the 1970s.

The project started with Claudio Olivieri's solo exhibition "Colour Unveiled", followed by Aldo Schmid's solo exhibition "Chromatic Abstractions" in 2014. 2015 saw a group exhibition by Fontana, Burri, Manzoni, Dadamaino, Bonalumi and Scheggi entitled "Beyond the Canvas", while in 2016 the exhibition "The Gradualness of Colour" paid tribute to painter Luigi Senesi. In 2017, a monographic exhibition by Italo Bressan, "Souls", was presented at the Pinacoteca of the Museo di Riva del Garda. In 2018, the exhibition "Claudio Vernia. Colour as Absolute" concluded the focus on the leading figures of Italian Analytical Painting, promoted as part of the project.