Collective space, natural space

Exhibition - from sunday 19 jun 2022 | to sunday 23 oct 2022

from sunday 19 jun 2022 | to sunday 23 oct 2022
Palazzo delle Albere

The Albere district hosts two monumental installations made from trees felled by Vaia storm. The Leone Alato (Winged Lion), a large mythological animal, has found a home in the garden in front of MUSE, while a four-metre-high hand, Il Grido (The Cry), has been placed inside the Renaissance building of Palazzo delle Albere, in a vaulted room on the ground floor. The author is Martalar, who became famous last winter with the Drago Alato (Winged Dragon) of Magré, a hamlet of the town of Lavarone in the Cimbrian Alps. 

The two sculptures installed in Trento carry on with the same pursuit: with these works, Martalar investigates the dichotomies human/animal, culture/nature, inside/outside; he explores the complex boundaries between human and natural space, between places devoted to collective cultural and social action, and places to be respected in their wild and uncontaminated dimension. 

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