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Guido Iannuzzi, "Bauhaus Think-Tank", 2019. Courtesy l’artista
Guido Iannuzzi, "Bauhaus Think-Tank", 2019. Courtesy l’artista

Guido Iannuzzi
Bauhaus Think-Tank

Mart Rovereto
09 October 2020 / 06 June 2021

The museum represents a place of power, a fortress.
The tank is pointed at what Pasolini once called "the Palace", in order to tear it down, to smoke it out, while we attempt to hide our complicity with power. The palace must be demolished.
The T 34 Tank by Guido Iannuzzi, a situationist artist, slowly advances.

Pasolini writes, "This is why the powerful who reside ‘inside the Palace’ and those who describe them – who must also reside ‘inside the palace’ in order to do so – behave like such atrocious, ridiculous, puppet-like idols.
A new kind of economic power has realized through development a fictitious form of progress and tolerance. The young people who were born and educated during this time of false progressivism and tolerance are paying for this falsehood (the cynicism of this new power, which has destroyed everything) in the most atrocious way. Here they are, around me now, with a look of imbecilic irony in their eyes, a stupidly satisfied air, an offensive, dumb hooliganism – when not pain, this presents itself as an almost schoolgirl-like apprehension, with which they must endure real intolerance during these years of tolerance".

Following the political trials, we must tear this building to the ground. The tank, which has been here since the end of History, sits poised, ready to fire.

Vittorio Sgarbi