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  • Pietro Consagra, "Trama" (dettaglio), 1972. Foto Mart, Archivio fotografico e mediateca/Carlo Baroni
  • Pietro Consagra, "Un millimetro", 1971. Foto Mart, Archivio fotografico e mediateca/Carlo Baroni
  • Pietro Consagra, sculture della serie "Sottilissime", 1968-1995. Foto Mart, Archivio fotografico e mediateca/Carlo Baroni

Focus | Pietro Consagra

Mart Rovereto
05 May 2018 / 26 August 2018

he Mart Collections include Trama [Weave], an environment work by Pietro Consagra that was featured at the 1972 Venice Biennale. The work is exhibited again for the first time in a layout design embodying the plastic and spatial values that characterise the research of the artist, who since the 1950s has been engaged in a radical revisitation of the concept of sculpture.
Consagra conceives a work that, in order to be grasped in its entirety, must be traversed. The installation is composed of seven coloured wooden sculptures, arranged on a platform a short distance away from each other and behind the walls of a closed environment. Walking through this labyrinthine space, visitors encounter a second work: Un millimetro [A Millimeter], a stainless steel book positioned on a pedestal  ̶  originally designed by Carlo Scarpa, proposed here in a simplified version  ̶  that takes its name from its thickness.
Completing the display are some sculptures from the Sottilissime [Ultra-thins] series, with which Consagra renewed his investigation into the relationship between surface and environment, pushing matter toward its physical limits.
Exhibition in collaboration with Archivio Pietro Consagra.


Curated by Denis Isaia

2018 exhibition programme

2018 exhibition programme